IBM Web Content Manager Architecture

IBM Web Content Manager Architecture

IBM Web Content Manager Architecture 

The Content Manager architecture consists of a Client, Library Server and Multiple Object Servers.

This is the end client who will be getting to the information that is stored in the Content Manager execution utilizing Library Servers and Object Servers. Note that the customer corresponds with both Library Server and additionally the Object Servers.
The association between the customer and the Object servers has high bandwidth when compared with the association between the customer and the Library Server. This will turn out to be clear in the following areas.

Library Server
As of now, there is one Library Server per implementation. By an implementation, we mean an autonomous execution of a Content Manager Solution.
It’s Purpose
Library server, deals with the Content Manager List data, finds stored objects utilizing a mixture of hunt advancements, gives secure access to the objects in the accumulation, and corresponds with the object servers. A Content Manager system obliges one library server, which can keep running on Windows NT, Windows 2000, AIX, or OS/390.

The library server utilizes a social database for the management of digital objects and gives information uprightness by keeping up record data and controlling access to protests that are put away on the item servers. This social database can be IBM DB2 Universal Database (DB2 UDB) or Oracle.
IBM Web Content Manager Architecture

Object server

The object server is the vault for objects that are stored in the Content Manager System. Clients store and recover objects from the Object server, through appeals that are routed by the library server. There can be different Object Servers in a usage. The Object server productively and naturally oversees capacity assets, based on the storage management elements, (for example, volumes) that are characterized utilizing the Content Manager System organization program. A Content Manager system can have numerous article servers distributed across systems to give advantageous user access. Object servers run on AIX, Windows NT, Windows 2000, or OS/390.

A database on the object server contains information about the precise area of every article. The database can be either DB2 UDB or Oracle
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